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We are presenting the Kennel of schnauzers
"Ebony Eddy's"


  My name is Irina Dashkova. Im the owner of Ebony Eddys kennel (registered in July, 2003). Running black schnauzers brave, quick, strong do resemble black whirlwind flying above the ground.

     Im a doctor by education. Since 1995 Im engaged in breeding dogs; that year Ive got my first dog lovely miniature schnauzer Melusina. Since that time Ive been true to this breed I work with black standard schnauzers and black and black-and-silver miniature schnauzers in my kennel.


 I always hoped to revive the standart and mini schnauzers' best work qualities. That's why a strict selection of  bloodclogs is carried out in our kennel. We controle their psyche, their training abilities as well as their appearance. The greatest majoroty of the dogs from our kennel have diplomas for different training courses. The binding rule for our breeding dogs is the successful passing of testing or obedience norms.

   The motto of our kennel is

Our kennel is very young still, but among dogs with our prefix are:

      Champion of Sweden
      Champion of Danish
      2 Young Champion of Lithuania
      2 Champion of Lithuania
      1 x Champions of Latvia
      2 x Champions of Poland
      6 x Champions of Ukraine
      2 x Young Champion of Russia
      9 x Champions of Russia
      23 x Champions of Belarus
      3 x GrandChampions of Belarus
      30 x Young Champions of Belarus
      19 x Champions of Breed
      7 Young Champions of Breed
      19 x CACIB

         Champion of Belarus-2008 in agility

         Vice-Champion of Belarus-2010 in agility

         Vice-Champion of Belarus-2011 in agility

ViceChampion of Ukraine-2012

   Champion of Belarus-2013 in agility


and numerous victories in agility competition

      We hope our successes are still in front of us!