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Ebony Eddy's Onorina Saurtana (Nora)

Sire -  Ives Nadiz Magneficent Merlin

Dam -
Ebony Eddy's Erata Best

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Young Champion of Belarus, Young Champion of Russia, Champion of Breed, Champion of Belarus, Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Russia, Champion of RKF, GrandChampion of Belarus, Champion of Lithuania, Champions of Latvia
5 x CACj, 5 x Best junior of breed, BISj-IV, BISj-X, BIG-III, 21 , 4 * CACIB, 3 * R.CACIB, BIG-II, BIG-III,  BIG-IV

 agility-1 "exellent, agility-2 "exellent"

  "Good proportions. Beautiful head and neck. Bite - normal. Correct angles of limbs. Excellent active movement." Stefan Sinko (Slovenia) description of the age 2.2.
 "Elegant. Correct lines. Good entrance neck. Bite - the norm. Good head. Good angles front and rear. Typical coat. Good movement." Mag. Heliane Maissen-Jarisch (Austria) description of 2, 5 years.
    "Elegant. Beautiful proportions. The true proportion of the head, neck. Correct topline. Light good movement." Palmieri Dr. Francesko (Italy) Description of 2, 5 years.
    "Great size with excellent wool. Correct head. Good neck. Good balance of the body. Good movement." OLGA SINKO-KUPRIJANOVA (SLOVENIA) - description in 2.6 years
    "Pedigree. Good format. Teeth, bite - the norm. Strong top line. Beautiful head. The broad deep chest. Movement of the free." A. Goncharuk (Ukraine) description in 2.7 years.
    "Pedigree. Pedigree powerful muzzle. Good growth. Rather short loin. Chest of good volume. Good angles front and rear." Niele Zenene (Lithuania) - description in 2.8 years